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Alastair McIntyre welcomes you to his web siteHello... I'm Alastair McIntyre, the owner of the Electric Scotland web site and other domains. You have arrived at where I keep my own personal information and notes of my travels and settling in Canada.

  • Alastair's Mini Bio
    As I try to encourage many people to do their own mini bios of their families I figured I'd better set an example of sorts and so this is my mini bio :-)
  • Travel Journal
    I spent time in the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland as well as Kentucky in the USA and around Canada and these are my accounts of those travels along with pictures I took at the time.
  • Canadian Journal
    As I plan to settle in Canada I thought I'd document my own experiences during this process. Part of the reason is that I find it so hard to get accounts of the pioneers that it encouraged me to do my own account. It is a highly personal account and a kind of diary of sorts.
  • Travels in Scotland
    I spent around 3 months in Northern Perthshire and the Highlands of Scotland and so took many pictures on my travels and this is an account of those travels.
  • Thousands of Pictures
    I take loads of pictures with my wee digital camera and here are just a few you can view.
  • Stamp Collection
    Here I am listing some of my stamp collection which is mostly based on stamps from Kuwait.

Other Information