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Ontario, Canada
16th June 2004

Today was a day out with Cam and Barb where we were heading for Caledonia and then onto Port Dover and then back up to Stratford with dinner and Wolfies.  So a great opportunity to take loads of photos which is why I'm going to divide this up into 2 sections. This one will take us from Guelph through to just past Caledonia to Ruthven House and so off we go :-)

It was pretty dull when we started out but got a lot brighter later on. The main task of this trip was to get to Caledonia but of course to take lots of photos as we headed there through towns and villages and along the Grand River


This is the Grand River and you can see that due to the heavy rains the other night it looks quite muddy

And the sun was just starting to show through

And a bit further down at Paris the water wasn't looking so muddy

Hey... amazing... 200 cigs in a plain plastic bag for $23.00 ! :-)

And we reach Caledonia!

And here I am at the railway station with Brabra Martindale who kindly provided all the history a few years ago.  Never thought I'd get to meet her in person :-)

And with the picture of the bridge that concluded our visit to Caledonia

We then popped into the Gingerbread House for lunch

And then it was on our way to Ruthven House

Cam couldn't resist helping this young man with the repair of the lawn mower :-)

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