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St. Andrews and Golf

Thought it would be interesting to do a wee photo shoot on Golf at St. Andrews seeing as it is the home of golf.  Some of the pictures are quite large so as to let you read a few of the text cards.

This is the British Golf Museum and unlike most other museums they do allow you to take pictures and so I availed myself of the opportunity to show you a wee bit of the museum.

And that concluded my trip around the museum.  There is an interactive room where you can try a wee bit of putting if you are so inclined.  The museum is located just behind the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse and the car park is right beside it.

And now it was off to photograph the Old Course and some of the golfers...

As I was heading back to my car I thought I'd just find out what this statue was at the back of the Golf Museum

And now we know what it is :-)

As I was heading out of St. Andrews I thought I'd take a few extra photos looking from the swilken burn side of the course

And that concluded my golf selection

And as I left St. Andrews the sun came out so I had a go at doing some pictures from above St. Andrews to give you an idea of its layout...

I decided to take a series of pictures from this location doing a zoom to try and give you more detail of the area so here goes :-)

And so that concluded my wee golf tour of St. Andrews

The below two pictures were made up of seperate pictures from above that were joined together by a friend of the site and sent back into me

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